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Posted on: December 7, 2009

Sciclips has launched a unique database of bioprotocols for global researchers.  Researchers will have free access to these bioprotocols which have been extracted from published journal articles and patents/patent applications. We are the first to list protocols from published US patents, US patent and WO (PCT) applications.  We have thousands of protocols on molecular biology, proteomics, biological imaging, virology, immunology, stem cells, drug Discovery, immunoassays, cell biology, epigenetics, genomics, plant biology, microbiology, tissue microarrays and more.  In addition to this, we have also listed new sections on high throughput screening (HTS) and biopharmaceutical assay protocols. All the protocols are linked to the articles or patent/patent applications. These unique collections of bioprotocols will help researchers not only to search for the right reference but also to use them most effectively in their daily research activities. This would help in reducing time for setting up experiments and writing an article or grant applications.  Researchers can also submit their published protocols in our database through our interactive submission form. Please follow this link to see the complete list of our bioprotocols online:

 Are you working with cell-based techniques and looking for the best transfection reagents to achieve high efficiency and low toxicity? You must be debating upon which transfection reagent to choose. Well, Sciclips has launched a site with information on most cited research reagents and kits that are currently available in the market. This site provides the researcher to find out the most popular reagents in the market. The current research reagent/kits listings are: Transfection reagents, RT-PCR, Real-time PCR, RNA purification, cAMP assays, Cytotoxicity assays and Western blot reagents. The data is generated from recent published articles, patents and patent applications. Please visit the following site to see the details: Reagents&catId=1501


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