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We have created a new open access database for novel/potential therapeutic drug targets. This database contains 2800 drug targets, include vaccine targets, reported in published research articles. All novel or potential drug targets are linked to PubMed, Google Scholar, GeneBank, UniProt, DrugBank, ChemEMBL, Google patents, European patents, and WO(PCT) database.

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Currently, there are hundreds of stem cell research reagents or kits available in the market. The research reagent need for stem cell research is very dynamic in nature since the research trends, focus and approaches evolve very rapidly. The research reagent market has to evolve quickly to adapt these challenges and develop innovative tools to accelerate research accomplishments in this area. Following are few suggestions based on our observations:

Cancer stem cells: This is one of the most promising and fastest growing areas in stem cell research. Cancer stem cells have tremendous therapeutic potential and any breakthroughs in this area may ultimately help us to find innovative methods for finding cure for cancers. In order to achieve these goals, researchers need excellent cancer stem cell reagents. Reagents for the isolation of specific cancer stem cells, probes for the identification of a specific cancer stem cell, cancer stem differentiation markers, kits for the identification of cancer stem cell differentiation and transitioning of stem cells to cancer stem cells are few to name. ….
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