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In this new era of personalized medicine, there is a growing trend for custom synthesis of drugs for each and every patient depending on his/her genetic profile and biomarker discovery has come to the forefront of drug discovery research. The rapid growth of biomarker discovery will empower researcher to understand the spectrum of various diseases with applications in analytic epidemiology, clinical trials and disease prevention, diagnosis, and disease management. Biomarkers will be used as tools for target discovery, noninvasive early stage diagnosis of diseases, for evaluation of mode of action of a drug, dose determination and prediction of the drug effect. It will accelerate not only development of non-toxic and effective drugs but also help in monitoring patient health and response towards drug treatments.

With the growing trend of personalized healthcare concept and advancement in biomarker research, there is a need for a biomarker database. Sciclips has launched a unique biomarker database that has listed more than 29,000 biomarkers (for more than 1800 human diseases), extracted from U.S. patent, world intellectual property organization (WO) patent cooperation treaty (PCT) publications, and PubMed abstracts.

The database contains a diverse array of biomarkers, including:

• Protein/peptide/antibody biomarkers (7279 unique biomarkers)
• Metabolomic biomarkers (811 unique biomarkers)
• MicroRNA (miRNA) biomarkers (935 unique biomarkers)
• Cell-based biomarkers (27 unique biomarkers)
• Genotoxic/carcinogenic biomarkers (47 unique biomarkers)
• Disease risk assessment and predictive biomarkers (10,375 unique biomarkers)
• Epigenetic biomarkers based mainly on DNA methylation changes and histone modifications (700 unique biomarkers)
• Molecular diagnostic biomarkers, including gene/gene expression biomarkers, polymporphisms/SNP biomarkers (including linkage disequilibrium biomarkers) (7206 unique biomarkers)
• Drug efficacy/response biomarkers (7708 unique biomarkers), which are for monitoring the efficacy of the therapy, response of a biomarker for a drug treatment or determining the severity or monitoring the progression of a disease

Each biomarker is linked to various databases, such as PubMed (articles), Google Scholar (articles), GeneBank (nucleotide sequences), UniProt (protein sequences), USPTO (full text patents/patent applications), WO(PCT) (full text international patent applications) and Google patents (full text U.S. patents).

Sciclips has been a pioneer in developing databases in the field of drug targets from patent publications. All biomarkers listed in our database are cited and linked to respective patent publications. More than 80% of the information in patents and patent applications are not published in journals or elsewhere. Patent publications and data are more open access than journal articles, which often require subscription to see the full text. Unlike journal articles, the representation of scientific information in patents is very complex and specialized skills are needed to extract this information. For these reasons, researchers often do not refer to patent publications. Therefore, the availability of a biomarker database to provide early access to biomarker information from patent publications will have significant impact on on-going and future biomarker research. We believe our database will foster innovation in biomarker discovery by aiding researchers to find integrated scientific information.

Please follow this link to access our database:

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