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Highlights of Recent Stem Cell Patents

Posted on: September 22, 2011

Highlights of recent stem cell patents issued on Sept.20, 2011 (US patents) and patent applications published on Sept.15, 2011 (US and WO (PCT)).

1. Stem cell matrix dressing for rapid repairing or healing of skin damage
2. Prohibitin as a biomarker for identifying undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells
3. Recombinant laminin-10 for enhancing self-renewal of pluripotent human stem cells
4. Stem cells for treating hemorrhagic shock
5. Method for the enrichent of cardiac stem cells
6. Marker for determining the susceptibility of a cancer patient to an osteoblastic response in mesenchymal stem cells
7. Stem cell mobilization for the treatment of damaged myocardium
8. Method of inducing the differentiation of germline stem cells
9. Stem cells derived from monocytes for treating tissue damage
10. Method for differentiating retinal stem cells into neural retinal cells
11. Stem cell therapy to build a bypass tract in the heart
12. Dermal papilla tissues having hair follicle inducting ability from stem cells
13. Adipose stem cell culture derived supernatant for the treatment of neural death
14. Treating radiation damage using genetically modified mesenchymal stem cells
15. Anti-apoptotic protein STC-1 expressing stem cells for the treatment of prostate cancer
16. Treating leukemia using PTH/PTHrP receptor antagonists that increase the normal hematopoietic stem cells
17. Method for isolating breast cancer stem cells
18. Enhanced proliferation and differentiation of stem cells using polyanion cocktail
19. SDF-1 mediated enhanced proliferation and survival of mesenchymal precursor cells
20. Method for inducing differentiation from retinal progenitor cells into retinal cells
21. Stem cells for treating brain or spinal cord injury
22. Stem cell binding peptide containing implantable devices for tissue repair


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