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Companion Diagnostics or Theransotics Products in the Market

Posted on: February 14, 2012

Following are some of the companion diagnostics or theranostics products that are currently available (may not be available worldwide), in addition to the US FDA approved Genetech’s Hercept® with DakoCytomation’s HercepTest® for breast cancer and Roche’s Zelboraf ® and companion diagnostic test for late-stage skin cancer.

1. DNA tests for Heart medication | Clopidogrel Genetic Test (from Theranostics Lab).
2. DNA tests for Heart medication | Statin Genetic Test (from Theranostics Lab).
3. DNA tests for Heart medication | Warfarin Genetic Test (from Theranostics Lab).
4. AtheroAbzyme™ ELISA (from Cambridge Theranostics) – this test is used for identifying the risk of developing diseases caused by the oxidation of lipids due to the presence of active ALOA (Atherogenic Lipid-Oxidising Antibodies). This test can also be used for monitoring patients who were treated with anti – ALOA.
5. CancerTYPE ID® (from bioTheranostics) – a molecular diagnostic test for the determination of tumor site of origin using differential expression of 92 genes.
6. Breast Cancer IndexSM- (from bioTheranostics) – a prognostic biomarker based test for the quantitative assessment of the likelihood of distant recurrence in estrogen receptor-positive, lymph node-negative breast cancer patients.
7. PRÉCISSM Precision Medicine (from bioTheranostics) – biomarker profiling based test for the detection of clinically relevant tumor biomarkers for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and colorectal cancer.
8. Therapy Selection Assay for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (Breast Cancer) (from Target Discovery).
9. Tumor Aggressiveness Assay for Prostate Cancer (from Target Discovery).
10. Chemotherapy Selection in Ovarian Cancer (from TargetDiscovery).
11. CVDefine® kit: ELISA based immunoassay kit for the early detection of lesions in the artery wall caused by inflammation (from Athera Biotechnologies AB).
12. Aetiological diagnosis of AKI (from Bio-inRen)- urinary marker based test for monitoring hypertension and antihypertensive therapy efficacy.
13. Acquired risk of kidney injury (from Bio-inRen)- biomarkers based test to detect patients with increased risk of developing acute kidney injury from a drug treatment.
14. InformMDx (from MDxHealth)– prognostic assay for differentiating aggressive and non-aggressive tumors (prostate and lung cancer) (product pipeline).
15. PredictMDx (from MDxHealth)–a predictive test to identify which drug or treatment regimen is likely to be most effective for prostate and lung cancer patients (product pipeline).

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