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This scientific blog critically analyzes potential complexities associated with current biomarker discovery approaches. According to the scientific arguments that have been put forward in this blog, thousands of biomarkers that are currently being reported may not be true biomarkers of the target disease, rather it may be a complex mixture of biomarkers, which may include target disease specific biomarker as well as biomarkers or biomolecules associated with other diseases, infections, gender, race/ethnic backgrounds, geographic-environmental factors, psychiatric condition/diseases and nutritional factors. Based on our analysis, we believe that an ideal biomarker discovery platform, which can lead to the development of reliable and robust diagnostics assays, should be developed by integrating comprehensive understanding of patients’ phenotypic, genetic and socio-environmental characteristics along with biological and functional relevance of all biomolecules that may be potentially identified and called as biomarkers. Several innovative strategies for developing rational and personalized biomarker discovery platforms have been suggested in this blog. These strategies include 1) Comprehensive genome-scale analysis based rational genetic biomarker discovery 2) Cell or tissue or organ specific function based rational or targeted biomarker discovery 3) Use of validated tissue/organ specific biomarkers or therapeutic drug targets for identifying non-invasive biomarkers, 4) Epidemiology-driven biomarker discovery for developing personalized diagnostic tools and 5) Integrated bioinformatics approaches for rational biomarker discovery. The relevance of disease prevalence and predictive value in biomarker discovery for personalized medicine, utility of rational or personalized biomarkers in clinical trials and applications of rationally identified biomarkers for diagnostics imaging or theranostics have also been discussed. Read the full blog (click on this title): Strategies for Rational and Personalized Cancer Biomarker Discovery

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